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Text 1

M: I'm looking for a plain blue sweater.

W: How about this one?

M: Yes, that's nice. Could I try it on?

W: Certainly. The fitting rooms are over there.

Text 2

W: David's going to meet us at the club around six.

M: Good. How will he get there? I don't think driving is a good choice in the rush hour.

W: David said he'll take the underground. What about us?

M: Let's go by bike.

Text 3

M: Jane, wait a second. I'm going with you.

W: Okay. I'm going to Professor Wang's calligraphy class.

M: I know. It's in the chemistry building, right? My biology class is in the same building.

Text 4

W: Is there anything else you want?

M: No, thank you. By the way, in case there's a problem with this air conditioner, can I return it?

W: Yes, but you must return it within thirty days.

M: Thank you.

Text 5

W: Stop checking emails! We are in the middle of a vacation!

M: Okay! One more minute and I'll switch it off.

Text 6

W: Hello, Global Travel Agency. May I help you?

M: Hello. Do you have a package tour to Seattle? If you do, how many days will it last?

W: Yes, we do. Four days and three nights. It's available every Monday and Wednesday.

M: Please help me register two people for the tour for this Wednesday.

W: I'm sorry. This Wednesday is already fully booked. It's the traveling season, you know. Would you go for next week?

M: Okay. Can I book it now?

W: Yes, of course. Now, when will you start your holiday, Monday or Wednesday?

M: Well, I'm teaching on Monday. So Wednesday, please.

Text 7

W: I have been trying hard to choose a gift for Kate for her birthday.

M: That's been hard for me too.

W: Would you like to go in with me and choose something together?

M: Yes, two heads are better than one. So, what does Kate like doing? That might help us choose something.

W: She seems to enjoy listening to music, reading novels, and going to the movies.

M: Maybe we could get her a concert ticket. What do you think?

W: That's a good idea. But we don't know what concert she likes.

M: Jane can help us. She knows Kate very well.

W: You're right. Let's see Jane this afternoon after class.

M: Okay.

Text 8

M: Hey, I think I found a job that might interest Lisa. Where is she?

W: She went to Liverpool visiting friends, I think. What is it?

M: Well, it's from London Week, which claims to be the only newspaper for visitors to London.

W: What do they want, a reporter?

M: No, it's what they call a sales representative.

W: Hmm. Could be interesting. How much does it pay?

M: Not bad. Three thousand pounds a month. That's five hundred pounds more than what she made in her last job.

W: Not bad at all. Any requirement?

M: Salespeople with no less than two years of experience, not necessarily in advertising. Lisa's got plenty of that.

W: Any other details about the job?

M: No, just the paid trips to Paris on top of the salary.

W: Well, let's tell Lisa. She'll be back tomorrow I expect.

Text 9

W: Hi, I'm Sarah.

M: Hello, Sarah. My name's Ricky.

W: Hi Ricky. Are you a new student here?

M: Yes, I just had my first lesson this morning. Are you a new student too?

W: No. I've been here for a year.

M: A year? That's a long time.

W: Yes, it is. I went through three months of language training after I first arrived in this college, and now I'm a psychology student here. Today I've come to visit my teacher in the language centre. How long have you been here?

M: Only a week.

W: Oh, not long. Where do you live, with a family?

M: Yes, I'm staying with a retired couple at the moment. They're very nice, but I'm looking for a new place where I can hang out with more people of my age. Do you know of any good places?

W: Yes. Actually, my friend John has a spare room in his apartment. And he is looking for a roommate. Would you like his phone number?

M: That would be great! Thanks for your help.

Text 10

M: Good morning, everybody. Before we start the class today, I need to give you some information about our field trip on the 27th of May. As you know, we're spending the day at The Science Museum in London. A coach will pick us up in the school car park. We'll leave at 8 o'clock, so plan to be there at least fifteen minutes before that, 7:45 at the latest. You'd better set your alarms for 6:30, okay? If you've visited The Science Museum before, you'll know that it's enormous, and we can't possibly see everything in one day. The Welcome Wing has three galleries which deal only with contemporary science. We're going to have a guided tour of one of them. We've ordered lunch at the café, so we'll all meet up there at 12:30. And don't be late. We have to go to the cinema at 1:15. I think that's all for now. Oh, one last thing. Check out The Science Museum website before we go. The more you read about it, the more interesting the visit will be.

Text 1

W: Nice bike! When did you get it?

M: My brother gave it to me as a birthday gift last month. It's a second-hand bike, but it's in good condition.

Text 2

W: Don't stay up too late chatting with friends, Jimmy. You have to go to school early in the morning.

M: Okay. I'm done chatting, but I have a couple of chapters to read before bed.

Text 3

M: What would you want to do if you were not working as a lawyer?

W: I don't know. Teaching, probably. I like to work with kids.

M: Me too.

Text 4

M: Aunt Lucy, can't we at least give you a hand with the kitchen? It's a lot of work for one person.

W: That's very kind of you, Jack. But I've hired a girl called Sarah. She's coming soon and will do most of the work.

Text 5

W: I'm so sorry I shouted at you yesterday. I feel awful.

M: It's all right. I know you've been under a lot of pressure lately.

Text 6

M: Hello, this is Richard Brown. I'd like to make an appointment to see Doctor Ross.

W: Certainly. What seems to be the problem?

M: Well, I'd like to have my regular medical examination.

W: Fine. Now, it's Monday today. When would you be available to come in to see Doctor Ross?

M: Any day next week in the morning would be great.

W: How about next Wednesday or Thursday at ten o'clock?

M: Next Thursday sounds fine to me.

W: Okay, we'll see you next Thursday, Mr. Brown. Goodbye.

Text 7

M: I'm going on Thompson's show. How do I look?

W: Your red tie…

M: What's wrong with it?

W: Well, red was the color of last year. Now it's light blue. Fashion experts say the light color makes a man look confident and worthy of trust.

M: But I like red.

W: I know, but you'd better follow the fashion as you are having an interview on TV.

Text 8

W: Mike, did you just throw the rest of that bread away?

M: Yeah. It was quite a big one, and I couldn't finish it.

W: You know you shouldn't waste food. Do you know how much of the world's food is wasted each year?

M: Uh… I don't know.

W: The figure is 1.3 billion tons of food, which is enough to feed a billion hungry people. Where do you think all this food waste comes from?

M: Well, restaurants, I imagine.

W: No. Restaurants do not contribute most to food waste. In Europe, 53% of food waste comes from households, which amounts to about 88 million tons of food waste a year.

M: Wow. I can't even believe it.

W: A high school student in America has started a campaign on the social media, persuading people to stop wasting food. Up to now, the food waste has been reduced by 25% in her city.

Text 9

M: Atherton Brothers.

W: Good morning. Is that Mr. Bill Atherton?

M: Speaking. How can I help?

W: My flat needs painting, and I wonder whether you'd be able to do the work.

M: I'm sure we'd be able to help. But let me take down a few details.

W: Yes, of course.

M: Well, firstly, how did you hear about us? From our advertisement?

W: Not really. It was my friend May Wilson. You did some excellent work for her last year.

M: Oh yes. That was in Church Hill, Arnside. Lovely lady!

W: Yes, she is.

M: And what's your name and phone number, please?

W: It's Hillary Pemberton. And my number is 8799-1130.

M: Right. And do you live in Church Hill, Arnside as well?

W: No, actually, it's 39 West Park, Flat 5.

M: Oh, right. It's over the road I seem to remember. Quite difficult to get to.

W: Yes, it's at the back of the city library.

M: So, I'll come to your flat at about ten in the morning tomorrow if it's okay with you.

W: Excellent. I'll be waiting for you then. See you tomorrow morning.

M: Goodbye.

Text 10

W: Thank Mr. Williams for inviting me back. I'd love to share with you my life experiences after graduation. Well, I graduated from here in 2001. When I was thrown into the job market, finding a job was not difficult. Most of my classmates found good jobs in big cities. If I were born a decade later, things might have been totally different. I finally accepted a job with my current employer, and now work as a translator. I won't say my job is not demanding. Sometimes I'm kept very busy working late into the night. And I also have to travel to other cities to attend some conferences several times a year. But I must admit, I'm happy with what I'm doing, which is related to what I learned at university. That's why I haven't changed jobs for the last decade and a half. In recent years, I have been thinking about trying other things, such as running a coffee shop or a bookstore. But I haven't really set out to do that because any decision I make might create challenges for my family. I got married five years after I left college. For me, family comes first. Today, you college students are facing a totally different time from what we were presented with ten years ago. Obviously, there are difficulties, but chances exist, and you'll have hope of leading a successful life.




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